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All photography by Sally Clark

All poems by Sally Clark 

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If you want to keep something close to you,

you put it in your pocket.

Some pockets are deep; some pockets are shallow.

These poems are of the same scope and landscape.

Each one holds a small treasure.



Where's My Hug?
a lift-the-flap board book
for ages 2-5.
Written by Sally Clark
Illustrated by Estelle Corke
Published by ideals Children's Books
and Silver Medal winner
of a 2015
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

Los Compadres

April 12, 2017
My poem, “Los Compadres,” was chosen as the First Place winner in the Poetry Division of the San Antonio Writers Guild 25th Annual Contest. I wrote this poem in memory of the many late nights we enjoyed at Los Compadres, Robert & Julie Arizola’s restaurant out on the Llano Hwy., waiting for Elvis and watching the stars come out.



April 4, 2017

My poem, “Roadrunner,” was chosen as one of twelve winners in their 8th Annual Poetry on the Move Contest and will appear in San Antonio, Texas, VIA buses in the month of April.


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Stones Before the Ocean: A Worship Poetry Anthology

February 26, 2017

Stones Before The Ocean: A Worship Poetry Anthology published by Hewson Books, is an anthology of poetry for use in prayer and worship, featuring over 200 poems from modern and classic poets. My poem, "Flowers After a Wildfire," is on page 79 of this beautiful book.


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Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection

February 11, 2017
Draw Near’s latest anthology, Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection, features my poem, “He Comes! He Comes!” on page 24. Read a free e-book version online or purchase the book in print on their web site.

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The Binnacle 2016

December 14, 2016

In The Binnacle, Literary Journal of Coastal Maine, Thirteenth Annual Ultra-Short Edition 2016, published by the University of Maine at Machias, my poem, “Prayer in Public Schools” is listed as an Honorable Mention. This is my second poem to be published in The Binnacle.

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GrammaBurp Greeting Card

December 14, 2016

This greeting card, published by GrammaBurp Greeting Cards, features my inside text, “Congratulations on your new little batter!” 

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The Absence of Something Specified

November 30, 2016
In The Absence of Something Specified, variations on the theme of Drought, compiled by the editors of four small independent poetry presses Fern Rock Falls Press, Tiger’s Eye Press, Uttered Chaos, and Noah’s Shoes Press, my poem, “Weather Report,” appears on page 21. This poem originally appeared in Texas Poetry Calendar 2013.

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Texas Weather

November 16, 2016

Texas Weather: An Anthology of Poetry, Short Fiction, and Non-Fiction, published by Lamar University Literary Press, features my poem, “Toes,” on page 144, under the chapter titled “Hot.”

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Remember Me

October 30, 2016
Silver Birch Press My Prized Possession Poetry & Prose Series is featuring my poem, “Remember Me,” a tribute to my father, on their blog site today, Oct. 30, 2016.

Click on the picture to read the poem.

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Dream Quest One

October 16, 2016

My poem, “A View of Concrete Ribbons,”

won First Place in the

Dream Quest One Summer 2016 Poetry Contest!

You can read the poem here.  

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Every day has a poem. I watch, I listen, I think, I pray. When I hear a poem, I write it down. Sometimes I find a picture that illustrates the day. I am always surprised. I hope you will be, too.

A writer of many genres, Sally Clark loves living in a small town with her husband where their grown children and five grandchildren all live within walking distance. Crowded with relationships, busy with activities, Sally takes refuge on the balcony of their old Victorian house - the perfect place to pen her thoughts.

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